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About Us

We know a lot of business owners have been stung by agencies before, we empathize. That said, we also know you haven't worked with an agency as driven to results and with our track record before.

Our competitors constantly vex us with the way they carry out business. They take on big offices, unnecessary expenses and shoot their expenditure through the roof. Their pricing models reflect this and you as a client pay for this extravagance. At Digital Mercaari we have taken the meaning of 'boutique' to the next level. We have streamlined our services after rigorous testing and provide services with the greatest value to the client. Our team members work remotely, yet our communication is better and more systemized than all our competitors. We do not waste our clients' time or money with unnecessary services that output nearly zero return. We keep our focus narrow but gather vast profits for our clients.

We believe that traditional means of branding and marketing, i.e. newspapers, magazines,television is inefficient and extremely unproductive. A new-age of marketing is upon us, one based on digital platforms like Facebook and Instagram (which hold much of humanity's attention) and have the potential to provide enormous return-on-investment. We believe that profits for businesses does not lie with the targeting the mass market. We keep our focus narrow and target niche relevant customers but get returns better than companies that try to include everyone.

It doesn't stop there, we know there is no point pouring water into a bucket with a gaping hole, that is why we analyze and improve upon your businesses sales and indoctrination process. Our mentality is simple, plug holes in the sales funnel, and fill it with to the brim with qualified leads. Customers that show interest in your product are always in the loop of your marketing and always lead to convert.

Digital Mercari is part of a new-age marketing revolution. Out with the old, slow, clanking bureaucratic wheels of large corporate advertising agencies that take weeks to even on-board you onto their program. In with the new, streamlined, automated workflow of Digital Mercari. We take 90 minutes to on-board you into our program and not even two weeks to have your ads up and running. ​We understand that time is money, and we don't like to waste either of it. 

We know how businesses have been stung by inefficient agencies before and we empathize. We are a new breed of agency, one that doesn't require an office space yet one that provides god-like omnipresence for its clients. ​An agency that can take your business to new heights. We urge you to book a discovery call with us and see how we're taking the marketing industry by storm.

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