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Our Services


Digital Mercari is a boutique online marketing agency based in Nepal that focuses on providing marketing services to businesses which produce tangible profit results as opposed to providing a plethora of services that are executed poorly and output nothing.

90- Day Paid Ads Lead Generation
Email Marketing (Drip Sequence and Campaigns)

Our specialty service, where over 90 days, we take over and completely revamp your online marketing strategy and optimize all your digital assets to provide a system able to capture the maximum amount of leads possible.  In 90% of cases all we need is photos from your end and our in-house copywriting expert starts to construct your campaigns. Your ad campaign will be set up at the 14 day mark (mostly earlier) and our ads specialist begins to optimize your advertising to make sure that the right message about your brand reaches the right audience. 

This 90-day program is a fixed time agreement and then transforms to a month-by-month service if you so choose to continue working with us (most of our clients do). If we decide we can work with you, you can rest assured that we will provide an insane return-on-investment with a track record of obtaining in 5x-6x ROI even in the most difficult and competitive industries such as online education and educational technology.

This is a done-for-you service that works best in compliment to the Facebook Ads Program to generate leads. The program includes creation of a drip sequence for your business by creating a series of automated emails to be sent to your customers so that no acquired lead is allowed to abandon a purchase because the automated emails constantly communicates with them. 
We have found this service to be effective for high-commitment products because as the common marketing saying goes, "It takes 6-7 interactions with a company before a consumer decides to buy from them." The email sequence helps with this process because it allows your business to maintain communication with the customer and track how they engage with your business. 
The service utilizes essentially free-advertising potential because of the leads collected and keeps customers pre-sale and post-sale in communication with your business.

Website Design and SEO Optimization

Ideally a face-lift for businesses looking to establish an online persona in line with the current times.This is tailored to businesses starting their digital journey. We specialize in modern and appealing designs and optimize it for the best user- experience and quick access times through web engines to ensure usability and access to features. We create websites that users want to spend time in, while simultaneously capturing  leads in the most efficient way possible. Our service focuses  on optimizing your website to increase your business' potential to attract interested individuals and collect data from them to lead them through your sales funnel. Your website will be maneuverable and accessible and have a simple layout to ensure ease of use. Cluttered and unamanaged websites are one of the number one reasons your business is driving away customers and we help you fix that with the help of this service.

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