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This client got 3x ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) on cold traffic and 10x ROAS on retargeting traffic for their educational consultancy. 

The consultancy was relatively well-known in the market with a small but respectable and established brand. The company was profitable before we began Facebook Ads as a service however, did not have new customers coming in the door.

Their services weren’t drastically different from their competitors, but they did have a strong foundation online and had systems to book meetings with individual consultants and sign up for examination guidance that they offered. 

In a country such as Nepal with a completely untapped online market, getting high ROAS isn’t the goal as it is relatively easy to achieve. Maintaining similar ratios in the long term is more important for any such business.


As the company had not run Facebook paid ads before hiring us, we contributed the following:

  • Account Setup 

  • Data Collection

  • Test creatives and optimize ads to scale 


Since the company was  a complete newbie to the paid advertising space and because the company had never run ads before, we had to help them with the setup of the Facebook Business Manager. 

With any client that we work with, first, we need to see where we stand and what the company’s advertising history is. For instance, if you already have the Facebook Pixel installed properly in your website or if you have done any Facebook Advertising previously. If not, it means we will need to start fresh. 

At this point, we also need to consider the company’s Facebook page activity and how much of a following it commands. 

It is however, not a problem if a company has no history, but only means that any expected results will take a slightly longer time to mature.


The problem with starting from scratch is that in terms of marketing in Facebook, the audience that you may have in mind to ideally sell to may not always be right. Hence, past data of how it drives sales or information about a profitable market matures over time as the ad campaign evolves. To lay it down simply, the data gathered by the Facebook ads manager is invaluable and is really helpful for a profitable campaign.

This in no way means that it is not possible. Let’s have a look at this company’s example. Based on their initial ad distribution budget, we first decided on how to smartly distribute this budget across different campaigns - mainly prospecting & retargeting in the beginning since the nature of their services as well as their price point don’t dictate a very long sales funnel. So, no reactivation right now, we’ll be focusing on prospecting and trying to be break-even, while gaining real money on retargeting campaigns. 

We invested more money in Prospecting campaigns just because we desperately need to grow this audience first to even have customers to play with and remarket to later on as this company was only starting out. Also, in Prospecting we tested ad creatives on a broad audience, then moved to the performance part with top performing ads.

So, we did a lot of testing (more on this later on) to get those winning ads in Prospecting, then we tested new creatives again for remarketing. 

1 week in, we were pleasantly surprised already. Note how at this point, we aren’t even running ANY retargeting because it’s the first week and there isn’t even enough data on FB Pixel to create a Custom audience.


One of the most important things you need dialed in for Facebook ads success is a process for creating and testing new ad creatives.Inside our agency, the process looks like this:

Content planning -> Ad creation/production -> Ad creative testing -> Documenting tests & moving the best performers to performance campaigns

See what works (ad creatives + product/service + goal audiences + performance) and scale slowly


We tested our ad creatives on a broad audience to see how successful they were at the first glance, and then only used the top performers in our Performance campaigns, targeted at different types of goal audiences, with a higher campaign budget to invest. Depending on product type and ad creative, we chose the most relevant target public to get even better results than in Testing campaigns.

We had it all - correctly set up target audiences, top performing ad creatives, sales funnel and metrics to decide our profitability on - now we just needed to scale the sales process for each service offered by the company so that ROAS wouldn’t fall, or better yet, it would keep growing! 

Untitled design.png


The case study makes it very apparent how the Nepalese market responds very well to appealing advertisements targeted to the relevant audience. The very cheap advertising opportunity made available to the business is also an indicator as to how sparsely the Facebook Ads platform is used in Nepal. These costs however depend from industry to industry, but even in a relatively competitive space in terms of online marketing i.e. the educational consultancy industry, the effectiveness of Facebook Ads to drive sales to the business indicates the possibilities of the service in Nepal. 

If this case study has sparked any ideas on how these tactics could work for your own brand? To take a step towards scaling your business and pursuing great profitability, book in a discover call or request an audit of your marketing strategy. Learn more about our services from

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